Friday, 20 February 2015

The Simple Facts About Anxiety Self Help

In the United States alone, there are over twenty million people suffering from stress and anxiety related disorders.  For every one of these people who are so afflicted, there are probably ten of their friends, coworkers or family members giving them advice on how to fix the situation.  Sometimes the advice is good and, at other times, this handed down wisdom can be ineffective at best.  In some cases, following the advice of these people who are earnestly trying to be helpful can cause further damage. If you find yourself to be suffering from anxiety and its related disorders, how can you tell the good advice from the not so good advice?  If you are desiring to be free of the frightening and soul crushing anxiety in your life, is there any true anxiety self help strategy that works?

The human animal likes to function as independently as possible but we are still social creatures in the end.  If you are attempting anxiety self help methods, don't be afraid to ask for support from those close to you.  Simple things like delegating some of the authority for chores around the home or asking the boss for a day off work on occasion can go a great way in releasing that feeling that everyone is depending on you.  By learning to use proper anxiety self help methods, you can also help those close to you to deal with their own stressful situations, which improves your self image in the process by illustrating to you that you are still contributing something useful to the overall good of the family even during your own personal struggles.

Not traveling the road alone also means that, just because you are using anxiety self help methodology, it does not prevent you from discussing your feelings, needs and emotions with those around you.  Finding a soft shoulder and a listening ear are a great comfort to the individual experiencing overwhelming stress and anxiety is lessened when you share what you are feeling with those close to you.  Don't be afraid to ask someone else what they think or if they can take the time to listen to your needs.

We have all watched the movies and seen the great control of thought gained by the hero when he takes time to breathe deep and concentrate.  They seem invincible, able to walk through fire.  But does this work in the real world?

There are actually several schools of thought on this subject.  The idea behind the breathing exercise is to slow down and gain control of one's thought process and emotions.  So, theoretically, this would lend a measure of help to a person suffering from anxiety.  Will it cure your anxiety all together?  The answer is probably not. While the exercises in deep, controlled breathing may help you to stabilize your emotional plane, they are simply not going to erase the stress of your day to day life.  For those seeking anxiety self help methods, breathing exercises can  be an assistive device but do not trust your mental health solely to their effectiveness.

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