Friday, 20 February 2015

Stop Anxiety Attacks In Five Simple Ways

Everyone knows how it feels to be anxious. Anxiety attacks can happen in any place, at the most unexpected time. While anxiety is a normal feeling that we all experience at some point in our lives, it can somehow be disturbing, especially because it can affect a person’s state of mind at the time being. This is the reason why it is important to learn How To Stop Anxiety before it leads to something serious. Regardless of the root cause of the anxiety attacks, there are various ways that can help you stop or lessen them:

1. Know the Cause – The first step to address your anxiety attack is knowing the reason behind why you’re being anxious at the moment. People get anxious because of the external things happening in the environment that are highly related to them. For instance, anticipating something bad that is going to happen. Such negative thoughts can trigger an attack. Knowing the reason why you’re anxious can help you find the right technique to stop the attack.
2. Seek Doctor’s Advice – In some cases, people experience unpreventable anxiety attacks, and this can be due to some organic causes such as having eaten some food that can trigger heart palpitations, which can later lead to anxiety attacks. If this is the case, it would be wiser to seek help from a health care physician for the proper treatment to stop anxiety.
3. Stop the Attack before It Happens – You have to get in tuned with your body. This means you have to be able to feel if you’re about to have an anxiety attack. Whenever you feel that you are already in an unstable condition, take a deep breath and try to relax. Free yourself from uncomfortable and negative thoughts so that your anxiousness will not be triggered.
4. Get Enough Rest – Sometimes, people do get anxious easily because their body is tired and that their brain doesn’t have enough oxygen. When the body is not in the right condition, it is not impossible for you to get anxious easily even on small things. Thus, it is very important to get plenty of sleep at night and take some naps whenever you have some spare time. In addition, it is important to eat the right kind of food in order for you to keep a healthy mind and body.
5. Relax and Breathe – Find some time to relax, breath in, and get in touch with nature. As what most experts would say, one way to prevent or lessen attacks is through meditation. Find a place where you can be alone. Get that inner peace and just try to relax your mind and body.
If you’re prone to having anxiety attacks, never walk on the street by yourself. If it is possible, always drag along a friend or a family member to accompany you whenever you’re out on the busy streets. This way, you won’t be alone when the attack comes in the most unexpected place and time. In fact, this is also one way to stop anxiety attacks because you feel safe and secured knowing that you are not alone.

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