Saturday, 23 May 2015

What You Need To Know About Separation Anxiety Disorder

An individual who experiences extreme anxiety when he or she is away from home is probably suffering from separation anxiety disorder. It probably also apply to places or people that the individual has very deep emotional connection to.

It is known as disorder when the effect of this separation is strong enough to affect the individual’s ability to manage his daily lives and relationship with other people.

This condition can happen to anyone regardless of their age and gender. In fact, it is known that almost 7% of adults all around the world is experiencing adult separation anxiety disorder compared to only 4% of children affecting by the same health condition.

Children will tend to cry when they are separated from their parents during their early years. Many kids started to experience separation anxiety disorder in their first year. They will get upset when the parent leaves them to nanny or someone else to take care of them for work.

This health condition is known to affect 5% of children from the USA between the age of 7 and 11 years old. It only affect about 1.3% of teens regardless of their gender.

Don’t be surprised but separation anxiety can also happen to animals like dogs, you’ll notice them chewing to relieve stress.

But don’t be confused with separation anxiety disorder with separation anxiety because the latter is a normal condition that can occur to anyone. You’ll notice that young children will tend to look for something that they know exist but couldn’t see. It could be their favorite toy or someone close to them. They might cry, or stay silent to express their anxiety and as a parent, you’ll need to observe their behavior so that you know how to react when such situation happen. You can read stories for them to listen, or invite them to do something enjoyable together.

There are a few reasons why people can have separation anxiety. For example, young children are probably worried that something bad is going to happen to their parent when they leave for a long period of time. Another sign of separation anxiety could be the children probably refuse going to school so they can stay with their parents. Other symptom can be, they might experience nightmare and scared to be left alone.

Separation anxiety disorder usually happens when the child experience a tragic accident or trauma in his life. Childs with parents who are over-protective will tend to have higher chance to develop separation anxiety. But it is important to check the children’s background as well because they probably are getting this condition from one of the family member. Child and parents can interact with each others anxiety. After all, there have been several cases that proven children to inherit separation anxiety from one of their parent or other family members with anxiety or mental disorders as it is passed down through genes.

The whole process of dealing with child who is experiencing separation anxiety can be a daunting task. Some parent might not be able to cope with their child’s irregular behavior. It is important to remain calm and let your children know that they will stay safe even if they’re away from you. This will help them to cope with the situation easier and resolve the problem.

If There Is LOVE, Anxiety NO MORE

Worried? If yes, anxiety it is! To better understand anxiety, let us first realize its causes. There are many factors that resulted to anxiety. If you are stress at work, anxiety sets in. If you are worried about completing the job and meeting deadlines otherwise you’re losing it, anxiety sets in. And finally if you have acne, anxiety sets in especially to teenagers. When you continuously entertaining worries you will eventually have what we called “panic attacks”. Panic which will do no good but might bring unpleasant situations instead which of course we do not want to happen.

Let’s take the case of worrying for having acne, if an adolescent or even an adult worries much on having that skin condition their quality of life is greatly affected. This may cause low self-esteem, lacks self-confidence and may even change their outlook in life. It resulted to suppression of their talents, capabilities and skills as they will always think of their physical appearances. Some might even chose to just isolate themselves in their home. Some might even commit suicide due to severe anxiety. These are proven in a study that shows that a high percentage of those having acne reported severe anxiety. Why is that so? Probably because of the society we are currently revolving. People are so judgmental that they will criticize a person based mainly on their physical appearances. Some befriended others based on how they look and how they carry themselves. Even in looking and applying for work employer tends to look at the applicant’s physical appearance and eventually consider them hired if they appealed to the former’s senses.

We can no longer change how our society revolves. The best thing that we can do not for the society but for ourselves mainly is to treat anxiety. To treat anxiety, first identify the origin, identify the element that causes anxiety to you. In short identify the problem that is bothering you the most before you can finally say that you are now ready for treatment. Although there are many ways to treat anxiety, not all who are experiencing anxiety are to try those treatments. Not everyone reacts positively to the same treatment. You need to observe yourself and if needed seek the assistance of a counselor or a doctor for that matter.

How are we going to do that? Let’s take our example again – if your anxiety is caused by having acne, then we should eradicate acne. But first we should learn to love ourselves. We should accept who we are. If we don’t accept who we are, who are we to expect that others will accept us with open arms? Forget of those physical appearances first—YOU SHOULD FIRST LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF and everything follows.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Treatment of Anxiety

Do you feel frustrated by the terror attacks and does it affect the social and normal lifestyle? If yes, you must try to eliminate panic attacks and anxiety. There are some people who know that they are suffering from anxiety disorder and wants to get treated but do not know how to do it. For them, this article will be of great help as they will come to know about the different types of treatments available for treating anxiety.
There are several types of anxiety disorder like social anxiety disorder, traumatic stress disorder, specific phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder etc. Panic attacks can occur any time without giving any prior warning sign. These attacks make the life of a person miserable and seriously ruin the social life of a person. For searching the best cure for anxiety, a person must know the reasons behind anxiety and get the perfect treatment for curing it. There are several types of causes behind panic attacks and anxiety and from the several studies many people believe that it is caused from the main point of anxiety and when anxiety gets accumulated, it turns into a panic attack.
The main source behind the trigger point may differ but all of them share the same history of build up. For instance, an increased heartbeat plays the role of a trigger and an individual starts worrying that they might suffer from attack in the heart and the real cause of heartbeats might be an imbalance of chemicals in the body or for some other cause but when a person worries in a continuous manner they might get affected by a fear of death in their mind. With this, they will also develop symptoms and signs of anxiety.
When you continuously get these types of worries the mind starts feeling anxious which will gradually give rise to panic attacks. Panic attacks and anxiety is a thing developed by mind and affects the sensation of the body. For curing the issues of anxiety, an individual must at first find the source of anxiety, they should know the original trigger that makes you worried; treat it before they can start the treatment for treating anxiety.

For instance, if the condition of the heart is caused due to the imbalance of the chemicals, a person will want to do exercises regularly, change their diet and also avoid the food items that has a stimulant like for example tea, coffee, wine or any food product that has caffeine in it. You should make use of the medication for anti anxiety and antis depressant like for example the Selective Reuptake Inhibitors and Benzodiazepines. There are several ways for treating depression and anxiety but an important thing that should be remembered is all treatments do not suit everyone.
The first common method used for treating anxiety is having medicines. For using anti anxiety medicines an individual needs prescription from the doctor and it should be taken only after consulting with a qualified psychiatrist. There are several medicines available for treating anxiety but the most common and useful medicine is Xanax. This is helpful for treating anxiety as well as panic attacks. You should ask a doctor about the dosage of the medicine. Another treatment designed for curing anxiety is herbal. This particular method is considered to be an alternative method for treating anxiety. Chinese people earlier used this method for treating anxiety. Another way of curing anxiety is regular exercises. If you follow a daily routine of exercise for about thirty minutes, it will help in reducing the chances of panic attacks and will gradually help in eliminating anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety

All of us know the feeling when a person becomes anxious. You might have experienced that when you write a tough exam your heart starts pounding at a fast rate. Another common example that we can take for describing a situation where a person becomes anxious is when they go on their first date, when we approach our boss for an increase in salary etc.
However, if you are one among those people who could not enjoy your life to the fullest due to anxiety then you must be suffering from a disorder.  If you detect this particular disorder then there is nothing to worry as today there are several treatments available for treating it. These treatments will help an individual to lessen the symptoms of anxiety and get back the control of life. One among those treatments is the medication known as Xanax. Xanax is a medication which is used for treating anxiety disorders as well as panic attacks.

It is natural to get worried and tensed when you face any difficult situation. Anxiety can be defined as a natural response of the body to any type of danger. It can be described as an alarm that makes sound whenever an individual feels threatened. Anxiety can help a person to remain focused and alert and at the same time motivate them to solve their issues. But when the anxiety is overwhelming or constant which means when the anxiety does not allow you to live a normal life then you must realize that it has crossed all the limits and you have entered in the world of disorder caused by anxiety. This is the perfect time when you should start consuming Xanax but one thing that should be kept in mind is have this medicine after consulting the doctor.
When you come across the symptoms of anxiety disorder mentioned here then you should not neglect it. The first and the most common symptoms of anxiety is you will be most of the time worried and tensed, you should find out that is anxiety coming between you, your work and responsibilities. Are you suffering from irritation by certain fears in your mind? When a person suffers from anxiety they start developing a thought that says that some bad things are going to happen in their life. Do you have a feeling that you are always surrounded by dangers? If answers to these questions are “yes” then you should get confirmed that you are having an anxiety disorder. After getting the confirmation, you should immediately contact a doctor who would decide a fixed dose of Xanax for you.
As this disorder is caused due to different situations and not by a single one so the symptom of anxiety disorder also varies from people to people. One person might suffer from anxiety attacks that affect a person without prior warning whereas there might be a person who gets tensed by the thought of participating at a party. There can be a person who might have a fear regarding driving and there might be a person who worries about everything around him.
Some of the emotional signs of anxiety are concentration of trouble, feeling jumpy and tensed, restlessness, irritation, developing a feeling which makes them think that their mind has become totally blank. Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety are pain in stomach, increase in the rate of heartbeat, repeated urination, shortage of breath, profusely sweating, fatigue, tension, insomnia etc. There are several people with this disorder who undergo hopelessness at some point in their life.