Saturday, 28 February 2015

Coping With Anxiety

There are really many methods of coping with anxiety.

They include relaxation and visualisation techniques, hypnosis, behavioral training, anchoring and many others. These methods are good, and can bring you desired results, in some cases really quickly. People differ, so each of us have to find his or her own way. Some techniques will work for you better than others, but for most us these mentioned above will work. I’d like to share with you one more method for dealing with anxiety.

One other method that is hardly ever discussed, is actors training.

This is especially good when you want to work with public speaking anxiety. Choosing this option you don’t really aim in reducing your anxiety. You just focus all your energy on looking as you were free from it. This works near the ‘fake it until you make it’.

You learn to behave like you were completely relaxed.

You train your body to move like it was relaxed, just like actors learn expressing many different emotions, you learn to express self-esteem, and comfort with speaking in public. After some training, your body language will only display signs of comfort and confodence. You train your voice to mimic the tone and modulation those who are confident presenters. And after some time you may realize, that although your fear of public speaking didn’t vanish, this fear is not a problem any more. You learned to live with it.

Sometimes the anxiety itself is only half of the problem,
and the other half is that we can’t stand that others see it, and judge us because of it. This method is a good option for those who tried other methods, and didn’t get visible results. It may also lead to reducing or elimination of public speaking anxiety. In some cases it’ll work like that – thanks to your actor’s training, you’ll see you’re getting better results when speaking, and audiences like you more and more, and that makes you feel more comfortable. This way anxiety may vanish, despite you didn’t work directly with it.

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