Monday, 13 April 2015

Quick Panic Attack Cure - Finding The Special Place

When you experience a panic attack your body is tricking itself. You are feeling all the normal things that a person would feel if they were facing grave danger. Your body reacts in such a way that you are at optimal attention levels. The only problem is, there is generally no real danger. The result of this panic attack is usually a sensation of being unable to breathe and any number of other symptoms. How do you stop a panic attack in simple language? You show the body that there is no real danger…
The first panic attack cure is to find a calm place. This does not mean that you have to physically go somewhere. We all know that panic attacks are not that simple – they show up at the worst possible times. We can not always pick up and go elsewhere. No, you have to go somewhere in your mind.
Finding that safe place is a process. For some it is a memory of a special place where they once felt safe – in your mother’s arms as a child, at the lake house during that summer vacation or other similar situations. For others it is an imaginary place that they have never been before. Still others find comfort in pretending that they are in Heaven. Whatever your place is, you need to find it if you experience panic attacks.
The problem most people have with this process is that they do not attempt to find that place until the panic attack happens. This is nearly impossible, because your mind is already in panic mode. You must seek out this place while you are feeling relaxed. If you think about it enough, you will find that special place or memory that gives you the warm, Christmas morning fuzzies. Do not give up, as the benefit will be worth it a million times over.

Once you find this place, practice what you will think of when the time comes to use it as a panic attack cure. Narrow it down so that you know exactly what scene, time and place you want to go to in your mind to elicit that calming effect. Practice it until you feel as though it is on autopilot…and then practice it again. This automation will help you when you are having a panic attack and need comfort quickly.
The next step is to learn to identify when a panic attack is coming. Most everyone that has panic attacks knows the feeling just before one comes. For some people the panic attack is slow building and gradual, while others have them more suddenly. Even those that have them suddenly will generally know it is coming in advance.
When you feel a panic attack coming, that is when you go to the special place. Do not wait until you are full blown. You can still use this panic attack cure after a panic attack is already going on, but it is much more effective if you do it just before. The reason is simple – your panic attack can sometimes be headed off entirely. That is always a better choice.

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