Saturday, 23 May 2015

If There Is LOVE, Anxiety NO MORE

Worried? If yes, anxiety it is! To better understand anxiety, let us first realize its causes. There are many factors that resulted to anxiety. If you are stress at work, anxiety sets in. If you are worried about completing the job and meeting deadlines otherwise you’re losing it, anxiety sets in. And finally if you have acne, anxiety sets in especially to teenagers. When you continuously entertaining worries you will eventually have what we called “panic attacks”. Panic which will do no good but might bring unpleasant situations instead which of course we do not want to happen.

Let’s take the case of worrying for having acne, if an adolescent or even an adult worries much on having that skin condition their quality of life is greatly affected. This may cause low self-esteem, lacks self-confidence and may even change their outlook in life. It resulted to suppression of their talents, capabilities and skills as they will always think of their physical appearances. Some might even chose to just isolate themselves in their home. Some might even commit suicide due to severe anxiety. These are proven in a study that shows that a high percentage of those having acne reported severe anxiety. Why is that so? Probably because of the society we are currently revolving. People are so judgmental that they will criticize a person based mainly on their physical appearances. Some befriended others based on how they look and how they carry themselves. Even in looking and applying for work employer tends to look at the applicant’s physical appearance and eventually consider them hired if they appealed to the former’s senses.

We can no longer change how our society revolves. The best thing that we can do not for the society but for ourselves mainly is to treat anxiety. To treat anxiety, first identify the origin, identify the element that causes anxiety to you. In short identify the problem that is bothering you the most before you can finally say that you are now ready for treatment. Although there are many ways to treat anxiety, not all who are experiencing anxiety are to try those treatments. Not everyone reacts positively to the same treatment. You need to observe yourself and if needed seek the assistance of a counselor or a doctor for that matter.

How are we going to do that? Let’s take our example again – if your anxiety is caused by having acne, then we should eradicate acne. But first we should learn to love ourselves. We should accept who we are. If we don’t accept who we are, who are we to expect that others will accept us with open arms? Forget of those physical appearances first—YOU SHOULD FIRST LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF and everything follows.

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