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Psychotherapy In The Treatment of Existential Anxiety

Why do people worry so much about things that they do not see yet? What more with the things that they kept on doing everyday? We have problems with our children, the family budget, our health, jobs and even with people whom we do not know we would also feel anxious about sometimes. Existential anxiety is another form of anxiety that is called angst with the Germans for it was a German who had founded this kind of anxiety. This is a kind where a person seeks meaning in life. Here are different kinds of anxiety psychotherapy and how they are used to treat existential anxiety.
Multi-Modal Therapy – Existential Anxiety Therapy #1
A South African psychologist in the name of Arnold Lazarus founded this multi-modal therapy. This is his reaction to what he believed that people who were treated with the cognitive-behavioral therapy experienced relapses. This multi-modal therapy focused on the acronym BASIC ID. This stands for Behavior, Affect, Sensation, Imagery, Cognition, Interpersonal, and Drugs. With these focus, the treatments vary from one approach and method to the other.
Just like in teaching that there is no universal method of teaching, this multi-modal therapy also has no universal approach. The techniques vary from one patient to the other and the treatment can’t be done in groups in order to save time and effort. This is a one on one therapy which includes daily exercises, diet and making one’s lifestyle healthy if it is the main cause of having such anxiety disorder.
Logotherapy – Existential Anxiety Psychotherapy #2
This is sometimes called the “third Viennese school” after Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler’s schools. Logotherapy was founded by Victor Frankl, a Viennese neurologist and a survivor of the Holocaust.His experience in the Nazi camp has strongly influenced his way of thinking and life. The “Will to pleasure” is to Freud and the “will to power” is to Adler while Frankl’s focus was on the “will to meaning”. Human being has an inner desire to see the universe in order and psychological disorders are caused from the human perception of universal chaos according to Frankl’s thesis. . His book Man’s Search for meaning had reflected on how his life had been and how he managed to survive even in the most outrageous and very bad experiences he had.
The logotherapy has its basic foundation of treatment from the Socratic code and self-observation. Pain is not exempted in this treatment. It is very vital for the patient to feel the pain in order for him to cope up with it, learn from it and in the future will succeed because of the misfortunes in life. Challenging one’s self is the main target of this anxiety psychotherapy procedure.
Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy – Existential Anxiety Psychotherapy
As human beings, there are times when we do not know what and why we do things like this and that. There is a part that would say stop and there is another part of you that would say go for it. This is how this rational-emotive behavior therapy has been developed. This is based on the belief that human beings composed on two different elements; the rational and the irrational. These two are common to cause conflict inside you. They are always in conflict with each other. This rational-emotive behavior therapy (REBT) was founded and developed by Albert Ellis. When irrational thoughts lead one’s life, it will cause destructive behavior in the person. With this kind of therapy, the patients are to be educated and encouraged to live a happy life and to think of the rational things rather than the irrational ones.

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